The Fabric Care System

AR Livning Room

The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System combines superior post-installation fabric treatment products with exceptional follow-up service. Our protective treatment, which is merely the first step in our Fabric Care System, helps upholstered furniture, area rugs, and carpets stay cleaner longer, spots and spills clean-up easier, and carpet soils vacuum more readily. This makes soft surfaces easier to maintain, last longer, and reduces allergens.

  • Protective treatments will not change the color or texture of fabrics, rugs, or carpeting.
  • Fabric and rug protective treatments bond with the fibers to reduce liquid absorbency.
  • Protective treatments provide a ONE YEAR SERVICE COMMITMENT, during which time Fiber-Seal technicians can be scheduled to assist with spots on treated surfaces at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
  • Fiber-Seal's service is renewable so you can continue to have the peace of mind the Fiber-Seal System provides.


Fiber-Seal has extensive training in fabric/fiber identification and can determine the best cleaning product and approach for your fabrics, carpets, and rugs.

-   Wet-Cleaning: Fiber-Seal applies a cleaning product to stimulate soil removal then extracts using clean hot water. Clean hot water helps ensures that no cleaning product residue is left behind that will trap dirt later. 

-   Dry-Cleaning:  Some fabrics are too delicate for wet-cleaning.  Fiber-Seal uses several dry cleaning methods.

-   Spots & High Traffic Areas: Fiber-Seal’s advanced knowledge of fibers and cleaning solutions allow most stubborn spots and high traffic deposits to be removed with ease.     

-   Fiber-Seal offers several maintenance and low-moisture cleaning options as well.

  • We clean rugs and fine furnishings in the home or pick up for in-plant processing when special cleaning methods are needed for optimum results.
  • When necessary, other corrective cleaning processes (for example: deodorizing and sanitizing pet stains, neutralizing and spot dyeing bleach marks, and pile-lifting).
  • Once it’s clean, Fiber-Seal protective treatments will help keep it that way.

The Fiber-Seal Process:

1. Free Consultation: A Fiber-Seal consultant will visit your home or office, at no charge, to discuss how you use your space and furniture. They will then provide a free proposal that has been tailored to your space, furniture, and fabrics/fibers.

2. Cleaning & Treatment: Fiber-Seal technicians will spot or clean all soft surfaces as needed then apply the appropriate Fiber-Seal treatment for the surface.

3. Support: Fiber-Seal is here to help you, just call us.

  • After applying protective treatment, your Fiber-Seal technician will provide you with a FREE FABRIC CARE KIT containing a spotting guide and several eco-responsible products to help with spills and general maintenance, allowing you to resolve most spots and soiling issues quickly and easily. If you need more help, we are here to assist you.
  • Your technician will remind you that with protective treatments you receive a ONE-YEAR SERVICE COMMITMENT, during which time Fiber-Seal technicians can be scheduled to assist with spots on treated surfaces at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.